Client Charter

We, the citizens of Istana Budaya, promise to provide the following services:-

  1. To provide space and opportunities for performing arts activists, which is 70% local production and 30% international production throughout the year.

  2. Staged 24 theatrical performances. quality dance and music throughout the year.

  3. Enliven the admirers of stage performance art through the presence of an audience with a 5% increase in the number of spectators each year.

  4. To find and honing the new talent of 150 people in the performance industry

  5. Respond to customer complaints and feedback quickly, accurately and courteously within 3 working days after the complaint and feedback is received.

  6. Reached 204,000 hits and an average of 4.00 minutes length of stay on the site per year.

As a government organization, the main role of Istana Budaya is to provide quality performing arts performances that can be watched by all sections of the Malaysian community and abroad.

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